Ghanaian Den-Haag (Netherlands) Based Pastor abused two underage Sisters (Stephanie & Judith)
Report reaching GhanaChurch.com indicates that, 58-year-old Ghanaian Den Haag (The Hague, Netherlands) based Pastor Rand D, who preaches in a Ghanaian church community in the Hague, is accused of years of abuse of two Sisters (girls). He has been in jail since June and will not be released for the time being.

The pastor denies the abuse would have happened between 2001 and 2016.

 According to GhanaChurch.com analyst, the suspect, Pastor Rans D., had previously admitted certain things, the prosecutor said Friday at a preparatory hearing before the court in The Hague. D. had made excuses in a conversation to members of the Ghanaian church and that was recorded on a tape.

But according to the man, that was not a confession. One victim was five years old when the sexual abuse would have started.

The fornication would have started with the other victim when she was eleven years old. Both victims - who are now of age - have filed a complaint against him.

The Public Prosecutor (OM) also accuses the man (Rand D.) of misuse of his trust position that he had as a clergyman. His lawyer asked the court Friday to release the pastor from pre-trial detention. From GhanaChurch.com source, the counsel, the declarations are a conspiracy:

'This was a set-up to bring down a pastor. ' The suspect himself stated that an uncle with whom he has a financial dispute is behind the accusations. 'I always repeat the same position: I did not do it.'

  Listen To Audio From Pastor Rand D, Girls' Mother, Stephanie & Judith Below:

The pastor would have known on sound tape

The pastor would have known about a soundtrack, but the lawyer fought on Friday. The clergyman would only have apologized, without having admitted the abuse. He would also have been pressured by a higher spiritual within the church community.

Van ontucht verdachte pastor ontkent

Een 58-jarige man die ervan wordt verdacht als pastor van een kerk in Den Haag jarenlang twee destijds minderjarige meisjes te hebben misbruikt, ontkent dat hij dat heeft gedaan. Het zou zijn gebeurd tussen 2001 en 2016. Maar volgens de man is het niet waar en zijn de aangiftes bedoeld om hem als pastor ten val te brengen.

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