Journalist Emmanuel Abankwah Kesse is Madam Akua Donkor's Personal Assistant 
Emmanuel Abankwah Kesse popularly known in the show business (Showbiz) as Olumanba, a personal assistant to Madam Akua Donkor, the Founder and leader of Ghana Freedom Party. As we know, birthday is the anniversary of the birth of a person.
Personal Assistant to Madam Akua Akua Donkor, Olumanba Akwasi Kesse is a year old (5th February).

GhanaSky.com sighted a birthday post from the party to Olumanba and a reply from Olumanba to the party for aknowledging his untiring effort towards the development of the party.

  Olumanba as he is widely called as a Journalist, blogger and an IT Expert. Formally, DJ TV, Life FM and Nkunim Radio Belgium.

Watch Madam Akua Donkor  & Olumanba On KOFITV.COM

  Source: GhanaSky.com - The sky is not our limit

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