Madam Akua Donkor - Leader Of Ghana Freedom Party & Emmanuel Abankwah Kesse (aka Olumanba)

The Founder and leader of Ghana Freedom Party Madam Akua Donkor has endorsed a 24year old Emmanuel Abankwah Kesse popularly known in the media as Olumanba, as her personal assistant.

Olumanba as he is widely called as a Journalist, blogger and an IT Expert. Formally, DJ TV, Life FM and Nkunim Radio Belgium.

 According to her, this young boy has helped in recent times to re-brand the Party for Ghana Election 2020.

 'Election 2020 is coming and Ghana Freedom Party is coming in a different style. Kudos to my son Olumanba for the wonderful job he is doing for the party.'

 She also revealed that, God willing in the middle of this year, the party will have a congress and inaugurate their Executives.

Watch Madam Akua Donkor  & Olumanba On KOFITV.COM

  Source: GhanaSky.com - The sky is not our limit

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