Nana Konadu Berima Tweneboa Kodua With 'Eta' - stomach gas herbal medication

Report reaching GhanaSky.com through Adepa News proves that, when one eats, they don’t only swallow just the food but do swallows air which contains gas like nitrogen.

Some gases travels through the digestive system, as one digest their food. When gases like hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane are made when food are broken into pieces in the intestine, the digestive system have to leave the body somehow. Processes like this comes out as fart. All human being fart some how which sometimes becomes embarrassment especially in a large gathering for many.

Watch 'Eta' - stomach gas released video below:

According to GhanaSky.com analyst, a Ghanaian woman who gave out her name to be Nana Konadu Berima Tweneboa Kodua, popularly known on the social media as Talking Point or Kunkunsa MP, has use the social media to pre-introduce fart herbal medication that she is planning to bring to the market.

She explains fart is causing embarrassment among many couples during foreplay leading others to feel discomfort.

Hence, taking her herbal medicine morning and before bed time will stop what causes gas to smell bad. As a result, will change the gas to smells good, and make one feel comfortable farting in public. 

Following up after her video, she said she has not pick a name to be given to her medicine yet but she is thinking of using the twi name for fart as her product label and might be given the name to be Eta mecho herbal medicine.

 In doing so, it will allow Ghanaian herbal products to be more recognized in the international market.

 Nana Konadu, did not give out specific time and day she will officially introduce her product to the market.

 Source: AsempaNews.com / GhanaSky.com

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