Dr. Sonnie Badu - Ghanaian Gospel Musician And Pastor based in USA-UK
Report reaching AfricaChurches.com through GhanaChurch.com about Dr. Sonnie Badu's spreading online news for holding a gun in the United Kingdom.

 But, was not confirmed by the camp of the Ghanaian gospel musician. As you watch the Police vehicle, Sonnie Badu was congenial, GhanaSky.com confirmed.

 According to GhanaChurch.com analyst, there was no one in the camp of Sonnie Badu when the video was shot.

 Therefore, AfricaChurches.com can confirm this video came out because of hype.

 Even more, multiple award winning Gospel singer Sonnie Badu, how can a gospel artist who doubles as a pastor go so low and exposed his own video and now called bloggers "young"? 

Furthermore, this is a cheap publicity, hype just like Wendy Shay's video that came out.

Watch Video Sonnie Badu responded to Police arrest in UK

What Sonnie Badu don't understand is that, Bloggers, Vloggers and Publishers prepare and issue a content for the public. 

This content can be in the form of blogging, Video, Audio or info-graphic etc.

 Hence, the content can start as a "breaking news" and latter comes with real verified story from the source or the person involve.

 Because, sometimes published article comes with full verified news but not always the case.

 So, why Sonnie Badu blasted the bloggers with insults? calling them "young".

 Finally, read full comments from Gospel Singer Sonnie Badu below:
"sonniebaduuk Dear "young" bloggers, (note the word young) because I believe a more matured person will not express unnecessary excitement over another's misery. 
I have had to sit quietly by the advise of my management team just to observe and watch you cause panic / fear and total mayhem on social media. 
Well, to those of you who wish me ill, SHAME on you as the video you're circulating is part of a video shoot for my song #IHailYou. 
My question to you though is "what did you achieve" by expressing joy over someone's downfall? Did your quest draw more viewers / followers to your social media platforms? Just so you know it was my image and it's costly so guess who benefited at the end of the day. 
The adage is true that bad news travels quicker than one can imagine. 
To all my well wishers out there, I love and appreciate you very much. 
My love also goes to my ill wishers too but do bear in mind that if you're truly waiting for some bad news about me, it will be an eternal wait on your part...."
Sonnie Badu responded to Police arrest in UK for holding a gun video
Sonnie Badu responded to Police arrest in UK for holding a gun video

Source: GhanaChurch.com | AfricaChurches.com – Churches News Portal

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