Gospel Star QueenLet releases Dear Holy Spirit

AfricaChurches.com and GhanaChurch.com analysts can confirm that, since the Genesis of time, no man or woman has been able to define the "KOMASI GOD" as He said to Moses “I am who I am”.

Today, Gospel Minister QueenLet takes you to another soaking & atmospheric genre of music, that will automatically make you whoop with Holistic laughter in the Holy Spirit.

Get ready to meet the Davidic worship leader of our time.

 Therefore, It is only the metamorphosis in your life that can end the mockery. Hence, this is the hour of "Dear Holy Spirit" in times like COVID - 19.

 Furthermore, Ace Ghanaian Germany based gospel singer, minister QueenLet is set to release her latest single in this month of April 2020.

 Having kick-started her career a couple of years back, the sensational artist is today an accomplished artist who has carved a valuable musical niche for herself.

 A legend in the music industry is promising music lovers, especially the gospel fraternity nothing but the best single. Watch Video Below - "Dear Holy Spirit" by QueenLet


1. https://ghanachurch.com/shop/dear-holy-spirit-queenlet/

 2. https://africachurches.com/shop/dear-holy-spirit-queenlet/

Profile And Biography Of QueenLet

QueenLet is a Ghanaian, Nigeria connected Gospel musician based in Germany.

QueenLet is vocalist and an anointed international worship leader of our time, she is a Song writer, a composer, and a nurse by profession, an event organiser and a proud mother.

 QueenLet music will positively uplift your spirit and make you travel into the realms of supernatural authority. It will also transform and to unmoor every vessel of ELOHIM.

 "Meka Bio" Album from QueenLet in 2014 was a blessing to the Church but this time in 2020, a new way of prophetic music for this eschatological time, as the "end of the world" or "end times".

 QueenLet's music focus on soaking and atmospheric Gospel style or category of spiritual art (genre).

QueenLet music is really a "metamorphosis" and inflammable, to take you to another realms of soaking in the Holy Spirit.

 QueenLet's GRACE in "Dear Holy Spirit" single releases holistic capacitors into your system and your body will becomes an insulator, therefore your body will not allow the passage of heat of problems like coronavirus COVID-19 to overtake you at this eschatological time.

 The single track which is under the record label of "DebRich Group Of Companies" or "DebRich Group" at www.DebRich.org

 *[Ko Ma Si  means Nobody Like....]

  Source: AfricaChurches.com | GhanaChurch.com - Churches News Portal

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