Kwame A-Plus And President of Ghana Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo
Kwame Asare Obeng also known as "A-Plus" is a hiplife artiste who seems to take great interest in rapping about politics and social issues.

A-Plus just dropped NPP and NDC to start "The People's Project" (TPP) community group.

Kwame A-Plus who recently delivered the message to the people of Ablekuma with a water project.

He said, "In all my conversations with people about TPP, I've made something very clear to them.

 "I begun TPP with just 3 people.
Our first meeting was with 5 people.
Today we have close to 500 chapters worldwide.
The People's Project will outgrow Kwame A Plus.

There will be a time when with or without me, #TPP shall survive." Some people may not like me but I've managed to communicate a certain message and they have accepted it.

The fact is, those who do not like me, like a 20 year development plan for themselves and Ghana as a whole.
Those who do not like me like to see an end to exgratia. Those who do not like me like to see a change in the 1992 constitution.
You don't have to like me to demand development in your area before you vote.

That is why TPP has declared 2020 the year of BONDS AND AGREEMENTS. We can't trust mere words from these people any longer.

They have lied to the people for so many years. The National Chief Imam has seen 5 presidents and they all lied to him about building a police station and a market for fadama.

If they could lie to even his eminence the National Chief Imam, who are you to trust their words?

This is a different era. It is only those who see the future and begin to serve the people with honesty and truth that will benefit from the new Ghana and be given the opportunity to serve the people.

At this point you cannot stop us because #TPP is far gone. The fact is, majority of Ghanaians are tired of the lies of both NDC & NPP.

They want change. They want to see development. We shall not fight.

We shall not be for or against any party. We shall not be lawless. We shall not destroy our beautiful country and democracy.

We shall only exercise our freedoms and rights enshrined in the constitution of the republic of Ghana.

Bribi reba!!!
The People's Project For Us By Us"

Watch Full Video From Kwame A-Plus Below:

Biography And Profile Of Kwame A-Plus :

Kwame Asare Obeng also known as "Kwame A-Plus" or "A-Plus" is a hiplife artiste who seems to take great interest in rapping about politics and social issues.
A-Plus brave is immeasurable!

Kwame A-Plus And TPP Social Projects:

The People's Project Presented wheelchairs to the National Chief Imam to be given to some disabled persons.

On Saturday, the 22nd of June 2019, The People's Project commissioned one out of the ten community water projects we have constructed so far as part of our resolve to provide good drinking water to communities across the country. The Subsequent ones will follow as soon as they are completed.

Beneficiary communities are Ablekuma Junction, (2) Ablekuma CP, Achiaman, (2) Agape, (2) Oduman, Race Course, Abehenease. We entreat all interested TPP members to join us at Ablekuma Junction for this event.

Source: GhanaSky.com - The sky is our limit

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