Actress Lydia Forson And Artiste Queen Let (Also known as Leticia Kyerewaa Hars)
Ghanaian Actress Lydia Forson has been showing what she is pregnant with on Instagram for some time now but today, she met her meter.

 According to GhanaChurch.com analyst, Ghanaians may not be aware of her motives behind all these writings, she is in her 30's without a husband or family, so problem?.

 But, Ghanaian-German Gospel Vocalist, a songwriter, a composer and a German nurse, Queen Leticia of Leticia Kyerewaa Dampare and also known as Leticia Hars , in showbiz as Queen Let blasts Lydia Forson.

GhanaChurch.com confirmed the writings of Lydia Forson's comments below:

"I’m in my 30’s and I still look back at my 20’s and have a list of things I wish I hadn’t been too scared to do. Allow yourself to make mistakes, learn and grow from them. But don’t live by anyone’s rules but your own; it’s better to look back and be glad you did than regret you didn’t.

So yes, be responsible, learn from other people’s mistakes if you can and listen to their advice BUT do NOT let them cage you into living a sheltered life full of fear. "

Watch Full Video From Actress Lydia Forson Below:

Therefore, Queen Let emphatically said that, she totally disagree with Actress Lydia Forson.

 Even more, most elderly women who give advice to the young ones, are people who have gathered information or past experiences from childhood friends and relatives.

 Hence, "Leticia Queen Let asked, who told you that it is a reflection of their old life styles?. Yes, there are people who use their past lives to advice young ones.

 But, they don't even force anyone to abide by their advice.

 That is why it is called an advice. So, why do you also think these people are covetous or jealous of the young ones?. That's an assumption right?.

 You are educating people to be rebellious and you expect the world to abide by that?

 People should live their lives and make their own mistakes and learn from their own mistakes? 

Finally, if you die out of your mistake, will you be alive to correct those mistakes? or if you become handicap out of your mistake, will you be able to correct that mistake?.

 It is okay if you choose to ignore an advice from your elders, but please don't recruit the whole world, to follow what you think is good for you".
Actress Lydia Forson's Instagram Comments

Source: GhanaChurch.com - Churches in Ghana News Portal 

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