ACCRA24.COM can confirm that, one of the towns in Kwahu, considered to be the centre of Kwahu as well the mother of all the Kwahu Districts. It has the first District capital years before all the other districts were created.

Area code for Mpraeso-Kwahu
The telephone country code for Ghana is +233. The area code for Mpraeso-Kwahu is 034, or +233 34
 in international format. The local number is always 7 digits. Almost all telephone numbers in Ghana
changed in 2010. An old Mpraeso number of the form (0846) XXXXX changed to (034) 23X-XXXX.
For more Area Phone Codes in Kwahu and Ghana Click Here.

"Mpraeso yɛ kurow kama/tokoo/fɛfɛw a ɛwɔ Kwahu bepɔwso"

They have business spirit in their DNA. Mpraeso people are coded with business genetic line.
Mpraeso houses the District Police Commander, GCB, Mpraeso Secondary School, Ghana Telecom, McDjans Business Training College etc.

Mpraeso is ruled by a section of the Akan Asona clan called the Royal Anokora Asona family.
The sitting Chief and Queen Mother are:
Nana Ampadu Daduam
Nana Abena Nkirisah.

Long Live Okwahu!
Long Live Mpraeso!!!
FaceBook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/mpraeso.kwahu/
Traveling To Mpraeso In Easter Days:
Mpraeso sits on a mountain plateau about three-four hours' drive from Accra, the capital city of Ghana. Technically African busses hold five passengers in each row. In reality they also hold an
unlimited assortment of children, tie up wings and legs of chicken or other birds or goat or sheep under the seats,
and luggage. It's usually a tight fit.
The busses operate on "African time" and will not depart until they are filled with people and goods.

For an European it may not be comfortable ride, because of the heat, the crowd, and the bumps,
you will find yourself included in the instantaneous community of the bus.

In the bus, Some sing, others eat, while occasionally someone will stand up in front, next to the driver
and try to sell herbal medicine (the practice of the medicinal and therapeutic use of plants)
to passengers that cures every disease from how to give good sex, become fat, eat good and even cancer.

On your arrival in/at Nkawkaw city/town, next to Atibia and Mpraeso, you will hear 
taxi drivers and other mini-buses yelling (shout in a loud voice), 
"Atibia-Mpraeso! Mpraeso-Atibia! Mpraeso-Obo!, 
Mpraeso-Obomeng! Mpraeso-Bepong! Mpraeso-Nkwatia! 
Mpraeso-Asakraka-Tafo! etc Over here! Over here!"

Remember, African taxi drivers takes four passengers, three back and one front.
A bad taxi driver can take four back and two front. Making a total of six passengers.
Plus the taxi driver, that means seven people will be packed in that small box of car.
If you will not go, others are ready to take. So it will be better you join the heat in the car.

You can be the best driver in Europe or America but your driving experience
can not take you through the mountainous terrain of Mpraeso-Kwahu,the climb became steeper as you drive.
There is some part of the mountain, where one needs to sign a song before the climbing becomes clear.

Remember, your driven license ends at Mpraeso-Kwahu, you need simple uneducated boy on the roadside
to take you across the mountainous road of Mpraeso-Kwahu.

Never try it and you will die before your time. There is nothing about
spirit at this modern days but the hills and valleys are not normal for driving through
because some areas look like slope, flight of stairs, or rising or falling sharply, almost perpendicular.

Some notable characters from Mpraeso, that are worthy of attention or notice. They are all ALIVE! 
Emmanuel Attah-Obeng alias Soborae

Yaw Atta Driver

Kwaa Krui Driver

Kwabena Anhwere


The Mpraeso constituency is in the Eastern region of Ghana.
The current member of Parliament for the constituency is Seth Kwame Acheampong. He was elected
on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and won a majority of 9,930 votes more than
candidate closest in the race, to win the constituency election. He succeeded Dr. Francis Osafo-Mensah who had represented the constituency in the 4th Republican parliament on the ticket of the
New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Mpraeso is a town and the capital of Kwahu South district, a district in the Eastern Region
of south Ghana, located at an altitude of 367 m on the Kwahu Plateau, which forms the
south-west boundary of Lake Volta. Mpraeso has a 2013 settlement population of 11,190 people.

Kwahu South District is made up of the following main towns:
Kwahu Praso II 
10  Kwahu-Nkwatia 
11  Mpraeso 
12  New Oworobong 
13  Nketepa 
14  Obo
15  Obomeng 
16  Pepease 
17  Sempoah 
18  Suminakese

NB: Big towns like Nkawkaw and it's nearby towns are all Kwahu Villages, that has grown to become big municipal town in the region.

Location of Kwahu South district in Eastern Region:
Coordinates: 6°35′N 0°47′WCoordinates: 6°35′N 0°47′W
Region : Eastern Region
Capital : Mpraeso
 • Type  District Assembly
 • District Executive  Kofi Onwona-Asante
 • Total  1,462 km2 (564 sq mi)
Population (2013)
 • Total 
Time zone Greenwich Mean Time (UTC+0)

Eastern Region Municipal 
    Akuapim South Municipal (Capital: Nsawam)
    Birim Central Municipal (Capital: Akim Oda)
    East Akim Municipal (Capital: Kibi)
    New-Juaben Municipal (Capital: Koforidua)
    Kwahu West Municipal (Capital: Nkawkaw)
    West Akim Municipal (Capital: Asamankese)

 Eastern Region Districts 
    Akuapim North (Capital: Akropong)
    Akyemansa (Capital: Ofoase)
    Asuogyaman (Capital: Atimpoku)
    Atiwa (Capital: Kwabeng)
    Birim North (Capital: New Abirem)
    Birim South (Capital: Akim Swedru)
    Fanteakwa (Capital: Begoro)
    Kwaebibirem (Capital: Kade)
    Kwahu East (Capital: Abetifi)
    Kwahu North (Capital: Donkorkrom)
    Kwahu South (Capital: Mpraeso)
    Lower Manya Krobo (Capital: Odumase Krobo)
    Suhum/Kraboa/Coaltar (Capital: Suhum)
    Upper Manya Krobo (Capital: Asesewa)
    Yilo Krobo (Capital: Somanya)

Why Mpraeso-Kwahu Is Famous?
The discovery of Bauxite near Mpraeso, announced in 1924, led to the development of
the Bauxite mining industry along the Volta River.
Mpraeso is famous for manufacturing pottery, particularly for its grinding bowls:
shallow dishes with strong, inverted rims and ridges on the interior used to grind
vegetables using a small wooden pestle.

Mpraeso, which is the capital of Kwahu South District forms part of the twenty six (26) Municipalities and Districts in the Eastern Region of Ghana. And the administrative capital of the District is Mpraeso.

The District Specifically, lies between latitude 6o 30’ N and 7o N and longitude 0o 30’ W and 1o W. It covers a total land area of 1,462km2.The District Shares boundaries with Kwahu East to the north, to the south with Kwahu West Municipal, to the east with Fanteakwa District and to the west with Asante Akim South.

The headwaters of the Pra River are near Mpraeso.
View Mpraeso From Atibie House

Mpraeso Secondary School (MPASS) is in Mpraeso.
FaceBook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MpraesoSecondarySchool

Mpraeso McDjans Business Training College

The discovery of Bauxite near Mpraeso, announced in 1924, led to the development of
the Bauxite mining industry along the Volta River.

Mpraeso is famous for manufacturing pottery, particularly for its grinding bowls:
shallow dishes with strong, inverted rims and ridges on the interior used to grind
vegetables using a small wooden pestle.


Hours of opening:
Monday to Friday: 4:00 AM TO 8:OO PM
Saturday and Sunday: 4:00 AM  TO 6:00 PM


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