NsPro card not found or corrupted (error 0x01)

NsPro Box Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

NsPro card not found or corrupted (error 0x01), Download Smart Card Drivers, Windows NsPro Installation Steps, Smart Card is not detected

For those who may be reading this article and have no idea what NsPro is, just read below.

NSpro is one of the best service tool for Samsung flashing, unlocking, repair in the market today. NsPro (NSPro.exe), NsPro application allows you to flash firmware on phones.
NSPro box with 30 cables is what Samsung cell phones can not understand, because it will flash, unlock and repair it.

Disconnect NsPro from your pc download and run the attached file on your PC/laptop, it will open the device manager. CLICK HERE to Download : Link Clicked 19,874 Times.

Go to "View" and select "Show hidden devices"
Then go to USB Devices and uninstall all NsPro Box and NsPro Converter devices installed there. Also remove all NsPro Port devices from Com port section.
Then reconnect NsPro to PC and reinstall NsPro drivers.
Make sure after re-installation, you must see these drivers in your device manager
as shown below, after "uninstall NsPro hidden drivers" : Link Clicked 19,874 Times.
Driver Software Installation by Windows after all NsPro drivers has being re-installed.

As you can see above, Generic Smart Cards and e-gate Smart Card are both installed, therefore NsPro will work. Make sure you confirm this by going to Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Devices and Printers to check if all drivers are well installed.
NsPro work with generic smart card drivers
OK? But first make general cleaning by
Uninstall NsPro, delete NsPro folder from Program Files
, then install latest NsPro version.

You may Download current version of NsPro from HERE: Link Clicked 6,488 Times.

Connect the box to PC and let windows download the smart card drivers from Microsoft servers. Then start NsPro software. 

If windows cant find the drivers, you can
see the drivers from NsPro driver folder on your PC. To download e-gate smart card, original smart card drivers, all drivers in a windows.zip folder: CLICK HERE: Link Clicked 23,344 Times.

You may need to contact us for a password to unzip the folder after DONATION.

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Source: OFM Computer Drivers | Drivers Credit: drivers/NsPro.html

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