Church members reportedly acting on their pastor's order to chew grass
An end time 'Zambian prophet' whose name wasn't given has caused outrage online after he was pictured taking off a lady's underwear in front of his congregation in church.

It's unclear what could have led to this show of shame, but Facebook user, Offwell Sikazwe, who shared the photo to  Zambian Facebook group 'ZNBC Top Stories Online™' wrote: "FAKE PROPHETS PLZ LADIES DONT DO THIS TAKE YO PROBLEMS TO JESUS THAN TO A PROPHETS HAPPY SABBATH”

The photo has provoked massive condemnation and outrage across social media, with many Ghanaians and Africans describing the conduct of the pastor as unbecoming of a Christian and a true man of God.

Many pastors, especially those have their own churches, have become celebrities and one
wonders whether they are really doing the work of God. The feed off fame and would do anything to get the media attention they require, damning all the consequences of their actions.

 In their bid to get more people trooping to their churches, they engage in various antics of their own to gain much popularity. One thing the runs through their actions is their posturing as 'miracle workers'.

They claim to perform many 'huge miracles' including healing of the blind, filling bank accounts of poor people and even raising the dead.

However, the manner in which they perform such miracles leaves much to be desired.

From the fondling of ladies, stepping on people, to giving them poisonous concoctions, they abuse their followers so much so that you may question where they get these so called directions from. 9 other photos of some of these blatant abuses which have been disguised as 'directions from God'.

1. Zambian prophet' removing a lady's underwear in church
Zambian prophet' removing a lady's underwear in church

2. An obvious attempt to 'feel' the body of the woman

3. This one turned this guys into donkeys

4. . Stepping on your fellow human being in the name of deliverance

5. Naked deliverance

6. Here comes another fondler

7. Just look at this oo

8. Full watt deliverance

9. And here comes the ultimate: Drink poison deliverance

10. Church members reportedly acting on their pastor's order to chew grass.
Church members reportedly acting on their pastor's order to chew grass

So the question is, will a pastor go to heaven after meting out such abuse to a fellow human? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Your stories and photos are always welcome.

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