Daddy Lumba, Bishop Angel Obinim, and Anokye Supremo formerly DL Jnr
Report reaching GhanaChurch.com dreams interpretation center indicates that, Anokye Supremo also known as Daddy Lumba Junior sickness started with Bishop Obinim's dream encounter.

 According to GhanaSky.com analyst, highlife musician Anokye Supremo said; “It started in October and I thought it was migraine.

 I went to the hospital and was told I had a tumor in my head which has caused an enlargement in my left eye,”

 But, in reality, Lumba look-alike blindness started before the stated date.

 Even More, DL Junior visited Bishop Daniel Obinim on March 28, 2018. And after the visit, the tumor was identified by medical doctors.

 Hence, in Anokye Supremo dreamed (dreamt) about, one of his eyes was given to Bishop Obinim as symbol of Egg, which was in interpreted by the Bishop as fruitfulness but in actual sense it was the eye.

 So, Daddy Lumba Junior actually rashed to Angel Obinim purposely for help between him and Original Lumba (Charles Kwadwo Fosu) case in Accra high court.

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Also, in recent announced on TV shows, the tumor in his head had blurred his vision and can not see with both eyes at the moment.

 As a result, he hardly breathe from his nostrils.  

  Source: GhanaChurch.com | AfricaChurches.com – Churches News Portal     

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