‘Quality Education Now’ (QEN) project
The Chorkor location of the ‘Quality Education Now’ (QEN) project under the auspices of the SOS Children’s Villages, Ghana (SOSCV) has organized a day’s workshop for parents and community members from Chorkor and Korle- Gonno in the Greater Accra Metropolis.

The workshop was to reecho into the minds of parents on the need to support and monitor their wards learning after school hours.

Speaking at the workshop, Madam Sheila Yemoteley Botwe, the Project Coordinator for QEN project- Chorkor drew participants attention to the role they should play in ensuring that the children adopt learning habit after school hours to enable them take charge of their own educational journey.

She said in order for parents to ensure their wards were well behaved and have more positive attitude towards school, they should be involved in their children’s education.

Parents involvement, she reiterated must be in the form of providing feeding, shelter, good health and most of all make sure they acquired good morals to enable their children give off their best.

Madam Botwe urged parents to be role models for their wards, pay attention to their potentials, tune in to how their children learn in order to fit well into society.

She tasked them to attend school events of their children especially Parents Teachers’ Association, open days and speech and prize days to serve as a motivation to them.

She advised that, parents should often be communicating with other parents when they attend meetings to find out what programs such as extra classes, after school activities football team that the school offers to help monitor their wards movement.

Madam Botwe therefore cautioned parents not to leave the education of their children to just  their teachers in school but they should ensure they monitor the progresses of their wards and also to develop close relationship with their teachers to develop their potentials.

By Eunice Tekie Tei, GNA

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