Black Stars Head Coach, James Kwesi Appiah
Black Stars Head Coach, James Kwesi Appiah has called on the government to intervene in the mass exodus of players away from the local league.

He insisted that the government should formulate a policy for cooperate institutions to adopt clubs and involve them in the day-to-day running of the club since individual who run clubs hardly survive in the system over a period of time.

"For me, I believe the government should make a policy that all cooperate institutions should adopt a club or a colts clubs because if an individual should runs a club single-handedly, he cannot survive in the system for five continuous years and everything will break down." Kwasi Appiah says

He cited an example of himself working with a government agency when playing actively for Kotoko, which aided him to survive throughout his playing career. "I was working with Komfo Anokye (Teaching Hospital) during my playing days with Kotoko, and it was the responsibility of the work to support me with some allowance and I also received allowance from Kotoko. I was happy and I did not think of going outside," Dr. Akwasi Appiah added.

He concluded with surety that that was a good way of reducing the menace of player exit from the local scene early.

"With this players will be able to get stay in the country during their active days because there are some clubs who still owe players three months salary."

credit: kickgh.com

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