Late Ebony Reigns (Left) And Shatta Wale (Right)
Ghana’s Favorite Entertainment Blog, shared a story about Shatta Wale threatening to burn down churches if  he didn’t die by the end of this year, and that rant was borne out of anger will burn because of some prophesy a new pastor made on Social media.

“I Will Burn Down Churches If I Don’t Die By December Unless The President Begs Me”–Shatta Wale Warns ‘Fake’ Prophets

Shatta Wale who looked very angry warned such men of God not to try gambling with him, because he’s protected by the most high God. But we’ve being wondering who the said pastor was and we’ve come across the post.

The name of this prophet who made the prophesy is Cosmos Walker Affran, leader of Cosmos Ministries. We have not heard of him before and this is the first time, we are hearing of his prophesy in the media.

In a Facebook post, the prophet wrote:

    Ghana should pray, I see a national mourning again the whole nation was in tears and this time is Ghanaian singer “Shatta wale”, and it is very close “death” . ” Thou saith the Lord ” prophecy by Prophet-Cosmos Walker Affran

It turns out lots of people starting tagging Shatta Wale in the post, and that drew his attention to it. Well, we are not prophets, so we cannot see what they see, neither can we conclude on anything.

What do you think about this whole development? Do you think Shatta Wale did the right thing by ranting? Share your thoughts on this in comments with us.

credit: Ghsplash.com

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