Boko Haram Leader Abubakar Shekau
Secret documents obtained by Anti-G8 Hackers reveal chilling details on orders to Boko Haram commanders to takeover the State Police system in Nigeria. The documents were part of over 11,000 pages believed to have been hacked by Anti-G8 internet trolls from billionaire Globalist Supporters network servers in the US.

 The documents reveal that billionaires including Americans are behind the world terror funding system including funding quasi-legitimate terrorist training madrases called the Gulen movement schools. About 84 pages of the document were put up at the website of the Anti-G8 campaigners for about 48 hours and were taken down by web attackers backed by the billionaire-internet mogul.
The aspect on the future plans for the so-called insurgent movement the Boko Haram was noted by Ayodele Gabriel an internet security consultant based in New York, who has been tracking the information from the Anti-G8  trolls.

 The text shows that the Boko Haram commanders were being ordered to rebrand the movement and hire local criminal gangs with prerequisite paper qualifications to be hired into the planned state police system in Nigeria. Ayodele Gabriel recounted that certain aspects of the document shows that the aim of the terror sponsors is to rebrand Boko Haram as a military force within a legal force and operate from within, which was called the 'Shiite militia model' borrowed from the Iraq experience authored by Blackwater and their billionaire owner.

The constituted police or militia force perpetuates violence and moves to quell the same bombings thereby achieving set political objectives and mass acceptance and recognition as terror spreads in the land with victims. The same international donors will donate arms to these 'State Police' legitimately as a force for good while they are the real problems.

They will stage kidnapping of 'Western Oil workers in Nigeria' released by the new State Police, to impress the Western public as a means to assure the flow of funds. However, open market bombings in Nigeria will kill hundreds almost on a daily basis.

The Nigerians like the Iraqi's will be left with even more devastating violence than ever before. Once the infiltration of the entire region is complete with the Boko Haram terrorists they can then take over cities and regions as they did in Mosul Iraq and Aleppo in Syria.

Talk will start of full Western intervention! The government of Nigeria has failed to recognize the dangers of this new approach thus far, as Ayodele emphasized "the state police is the most dangerous undertaking that could wreck the entire security system".

 The document also reveals that the attempt by the billionaire sponsor of Boko Haram to use a force modeled as the Peace Corps linked to the US CIA did not get approval from the federal authorities in Nigeria. Hence, there was need to rebrand the Boko Haram movement and fuse it into the State Police force across the country.

Secret negotiations are on-going between various state governments and the international sponsors. It is not clear at this time how many of the governors are aware of the real deal. Ayodele thinks that any permit for the State Police would be a terrible mistake for Nigeria.

They international sponsors have promised to sponsor the State Police to the tune that would make it superior to all of Nigeria's military arsenal with advanced weapon systems. Once the turn rogue terrorists operating from within they cannot be stopped and would easily topple the regime in Abuja. Ayodele Gabriel wants the Anti-G8 group to release the entire documents through the Wikileak system, but the prospects fhat are still uncertain.

credit: Anderson Harrington. Afro-EuroAsia Group.

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