Patapaa is confident that Shatta Wale will get him a car soon
‘One Corner’ hit maker, Patapaa Amisty, has revealed his biggest hope for the year, and that has got to do with him getting his own car.

The singer has expressed hope and confident in his ‘god father’ Shatta Wale to ‘dash’ him a car soon.

His hope or request might have stem from the fact that Shatta Wale, born Charles Nii Amarh Mensah, recently surprised one of his Shatta Militants, Captan, with a brand new Toyota Camry.

Patapaa in a post on Facebook revealed that he is also looking forward to Shatta Wale extending that same kind gesture to him.

In his post, Patapaa referred to Shatta Wale as “my daddy”; and fans have read different meanings into this with some suggesting that Patapaa wants to flatter the self-acclaimed dancehall king for a car.

Patapaa wrote: “I heard when I was in Liberia, some people dared my daddy (Shatta Wale) about dashing me a car….Shia, who said he can’t? It’s because I was out of the country. I’m back now and my car will drop. #Pa2Pa Movement #SM4LYF.”
Patapaa is confident that Shatta Wale will get him a car soon

Source: yen.com.gh

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