Nadia Buari's hidden Lover is uncovered
From GhanaPa.com reporters, since Nadia Buari delivered her twin daughters, she has been keeping their identity and that of their father but few days ago Nadia wisely uncovered the Father of her twin daughters.

 Since love can't be hidden, GhanaPa.com analyst came across a serious love expression from Nadia to one "Jae" and he is alleged to be the father of the kids.

Below is what she wrote:

"Dear Jae,
I have spent days searching for the words to express my
deep and heartfelt appreciation to u for everything you did to make the event a resounding success.

Needless to say, I still can’t find the right words to express them... except to say:

U offered me encouragement with your selflessness...
U kept me nourished with your enthusiasm....
U lifted my hopes with your perseverance....
U gathered all the scattered pieces, filled all blanks and sealed up all holes....

Your unwavering commitment and unconditional love gave me the strength to make this happen.

U did all these with no affectations and accomplished everything with your usual geniality and radiant smile.

That love and smile will continue to illuminate my soul and light my path on this journey to serve my people.
No darkness can overcome that light.

U truly inspire and fulfill me and all I can do is to borrow a line from the Great poet Tagore in expression of my appreciation: “My heart beats in waves on the shore of the world and writes its name in tears with these words— >”I Love You” ...."

Always and Forever, @jameelbuari.

Source: GhanaPa.com - The Goodness News Portal

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