Dr. Jerry John Rawlings is Former President of Ghana
Former President of Ghana, Flt Lt. (rtd) Jerry John Rawlings has asked Libyans involved in the alleged trading of African migrants, to show a little compassion towards their fellow African brethren.

This follows reports of alleged migrant slave markets in Libya, a development which has provoked global outrage.

Mr. Rawlings in a series of tweets suggested that even though the current situation in Libya may serve as a deterrent to others who are considering using the country as a transit route to Europe, there was the need to create awareness against mistreating a fellow brother.

He wrote, “While this frightening experience may no doubt serve as a deterrent to the use of Libya as a gateway to Europe, we must still add our voices to the call to our Libyan brothers to show a little more compassion to our vulnerable black African brothers & sisters.”

“How sad that events should turn out this way and the black man is being subjected to this kind of treatment in Libya of all places. I say so with emphasis because whatever faults Gaddafi had, blacks were treated as equals in Libya than in most Arab countries,” he added.

Pictures of migrants tied up, beaten and piled in cells accompanied these media reports making the news hard to bare.

Some migrants are seen in a viral video being auctioned for as low as four hundred US dollars, a site which makes it difficult for human right activists to contain.

Libya, a nation in the North of Africa has been a passage way for most Africans into Europe.

Over the years thousands of migrants who try crossing the Mediterranean end up drowning or imprisoned by some authorities in Libya.
We are all creations of the one Allah, but disfigured by the shameless greed and corruption of man. #LibyaSlaveTrade #LibyanBlackSlaveTrade #LibyanSlaveTrade #LibyansAgainstSlavery

Source:  ghanaweb.com

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