Nana Onini Afari II will be laid to rest within the first of December this year
Nana Onini Afari II, the late Kwahu Benkumhene and Chief of Aduamoa, will be given a royal farewell on the 3rd of December 2017.

The final funeral rites for the one week program will begin from Sunday, 3rd December to 11th December 2017.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency Nana Kwame Oduro Apenteng II, the Kontihene of Aduamoa and Acting Chief of Aduamoa, said all is set for the performance of the final funeral rites of the late Benkumhene and caution the public to adhere to the customs and conventions governing the process.

Benkum one of the five divisions under Kwahu Traditional Area and the towns under the Benkum Division are Mpraeso, Nkwatia, Tafo, Kotoso, Owurobong and Aduamoa.

“Kwahu’s left hand is down and Kwahu will be in total red during the final funeral rite” Nana Kwame Oduro Apenteng II said, adding that many will come from all corners of the country to witness the occasion.

He said this is the time to exhibit the rich culture of that area as such farewells hardly occur.

Source: ghananewsagency.org

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