Juliet and Slim came to publicly announce their relationship a few months ago.
Actress Juliet Ibrahim appears to be over the moon in her new relationship with Nigerian musician, Olusegun Olowookere, popularly known as Iceberg Slim.

The two reportedly met in South Africa and hit it off almost immediately, and are now seemingly in love to the point of hinting that wedding bells would ring soon.

Juliet in a recent interview, warned Slim that if he ever broke her heart, Ghanaians will never forgive him and would come after him.

“Ghanaians you are listening ooo, the whole country is behind me, if you mess up…if you mess up Iceberg Slim…I see the comments from my Ghanaian fans like ‘if you try it, if you mess Juliet up, we will deal with you,” she said.

Nevertheless, it looks like the pair are still going strong, by virtue of their daily updates to their fans. On Instagram this week, Juliet gushed about how refreshing it is to have made the right choice in her new relationship.

She described their love as a ‘ride or die’ type of relationship, and thanked Slim whom she called her king, for accepting her just as she is.

“The look you give each other when you know you’ve made the right choice... #RideOrDie #GreatMan #MyKing#Love #Oluwa #Oluwaisinvolved#HisQueen #fbf @iamicebergslim Thanks for accepting me and taking me just as I am…” she wrote.
Juliet and Slim came to publicly announce their relationship a few months ago.

Source: yen.com.gh

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