Black Stars Coach, Kwesi Appiah
Black Stars Coach Kwesi Appiah insists Egypt qualified ahead of Ghana because they invested monies purposely to qualify for Russia 2018.

According to the 57 year old Ghana Coach, the country must analyze the events of the qualifying process to find out where we went wrong and correct them for future World Cups.

The former kotoko player however, expressed disappointment in missing out on the World Cup next summer.

“It’s unfortunate we did not qualify for the World Cup. Every Ghanaian is disappointed we did not qualify,” Appiah told Happy FM.

“But, the most important is, we as Ghanaian must sit down and analyze why we didn’t qualify? Is it the ministry's fault? Is it the Football Association? Is it the players? Is it the Coach? Is it the supporters or it is the media,” the 57 year old queried.

“If we come together and access where the fault is, automatically we will be heading forward,”

“If we don’s access the situation, we can’t find out where we are lacking.”

Coach Kwesi Appiah then explained Egypt had a plan, which included having investors put in a lot of money in their qualifying campaign.

“Egypt for instance, had a plan, they had some many investors putting in some money that they had purposely to qualify for the world Cup,” he said.

Meanwhile, following the Black Stars absence for next year’s mundial, the former Al- Khartoum Coach, who tasked with winning the 2019 Africa Cup of nations says the country must plan adequately if they are to make it to Qatar 2022.

“Let’s all sit down as Ghanaians and plan the way forward for the next world and if we want to reach the quarters. We start from now so if we don’t have money, we can find ways of soliciting for funds now and prepare adequately for Qatar.”

Ghana missed out on the World Cup after three consecutive appearances starting 2006.

Source: footballghana.com

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