Nana Kyei Baffour (Nana China)
 No country’s history is the same in hundred years. It will change, for better or for worse. Yet, there is a divine hope that, Africa's economy and politics look promising.

Africa for the past decade, has seen youths passionately driven by ideas to join politics and seems the "same old" situation which is slightly ironical and honestly, confusing.

I have seen mad and emotionally driven youth cutting their bodies and that of others in the cause of some leaders or something that they do not even totally understand. Some take up knives and stab others whether there is a wrongdoing or not!

The idea of dynasty politics is perfectly flawed, and equally flawed and appaling is the politics of a single person running the show of and with his friends, families, classmates and those who shout "Halleluyah" and praises to ideas that benefit the faction.

This is where African politics define "LOYALTY". The hidden truism of African political loyalty is all about helping a brother to steal from the State coffers.

The act of being sincere to one self and others is the support of wrongdoing and defending wrongdoers. This is Africans political loyalty and whoever speak against wrongdoing and wrongdoers automatically becomes a threat.

We live on a continent where government does not make revolutions, revolutions are always on the outside. So if you are a revolutionist, you are the opposite of government, you are the opposite of politics, and that you are a big threat to life.

This goes on deeply within internal Parties politics where a group of Party Executives with common understanding of one or more opinions are said to belong to a faction and whoever oppose the opinion becomes a threat.

We live in a continent that is addicted to fallacious constancy as a tool for social and political control. Justice systems are extremely expensive due to the fact that , patriotism is romantically replaced with corruptible and blind loyalty.

No one is born a good citizen; no one is born loyal or disloyal; no nation is born a democracy. Rather, all are processes that continue to evolve over a lifetime.

After colonialism, our Continent, Africa never was able to garner a stronger democratic political setup, the internal democracy is almost absent. Those politicians who have shown promise on at least being honest and sincere at all levels have been sabotaged, sidelined, tortured, and maybe killed untimely.

The monstrous growth of ethnically  partisan and blind loyalty to leadership is as a result of Africa's underdevelopment.
Blind loyalty is extremely our downfall which has given birth to Corruption  resulting to Africa's calamitous economy.

It is a long and hard process to fight it but the only possible working option is to complain and confront it and die now to save the future than to leave it to later devastate the future and the next generation.

This is all a game of cricket. Most politicians play it, old ones retire, new ones come in, some play well, some doesn’t, Yet they all have only one target, to win. It's worth defending it now and worse leaving it.

Like respect, loyalty is best earned; it cannot be demanded; and, like ambition, it has the ability to be both a virtue and a vice. Unlike many other values, however, there is a distinction between the way in which loyalty is understood in Africa politics  and its nature and character has been used and abused.

At the thick end of the wedge, publically, loyalty is often substituted by a series of euphemisms, as if the word itself was in some way lacking. Of these, two forces-Patriotism and nationalism have a great influence.
Choose wisely!

Hmmm, a word to the wise is enough!

Nana Kyei Baffour (Nana China)

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