Religious Leaders in Central Kenya Curse Supreme Court Judges 
The Rt.Hon.Raila Amollo Odinga is a Christian and so is H.E Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta,one is an Anglican while the other is a Catholic……that’s is the undisputable truth!

They both believe in the God of the Bible!

Give me a reason why one should ever go to such a church.

Give me a reason why one’s head should not snap and completely dislodged from matters of religion.

“There’s an assumption if you are a Kikuyu you have to support your own a week to election my heart was bleeding coz the pastor didn’t care he’s was biased and commanded the congregation thiei muikerie kamwana kura tiganai na kihii kana atia andu aitu actually the following Sunday didn’t go to church I all go after election are over”– Mercy Ngima notes

Since Friday’s ruling by the Supreme court I have found myself wondering…………

1.Why are JP supporters behaving as if God is ‘pretty unhappy’ with that court ruling??

2.Didn’t we see NASA Leaders hold several prayer meetings around supreme court and away from it?

3.Isn’t our God a just one??

4.Radio presenters and evangelical preachers on Kameme FM are castigating their(NASA’s) God…… who is their God?

Don’t we(Christians) whether Kikuyu’s,Luos,kambas,Luhyas e.t.c worship the same God??

Is their our God and their God?

God knows what is good for our country.
The bible says he is a just God,a fair God.He’ll make everything beautiful in his own time.

He’ll give Kenya the RIGHT Leader whether Uhuru or Raila.
Let’s stop this HYPOCRISY.

credit: Cathy via FB

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