Rashida Black Beauty (Left) and Afia Schwarzenegger (Right)
Rashida Black Beauty became a social media sensation and began to have huge followers, Afia Schwarzenegger made it clear she doesn’t condone the lifestyle of the young girl.

Afia strongly criticised when she was awarded #JIGWE Award for the most trending video in 2016.
But she was finally vindicated when Rashida’s nu-de video got leaked online 3 months ago. Afia used the opportunity to drum home that Rashida Malafaka is a deviant who needs counseling and education, not an award.

Well, the table has turned. Just as Rashida’s nude video was the most talked about topic on social media in Ghana, Afia Schwarzeneggers’ divorce compounded with her naked videos and photos are the most trending issue on social media.

Rashida Black Beauty took to her Facebook page to express how she feels about the trending issue. She advised Afia to be strong whiles subtly mocking her not to be too judgemental when others’ issue comes up

Rashida Black Beauty She posted:
I had a blast from this woman after my video got released, but now i guess its her turn, that is how life is, everyone has a hidden secrete, the fact that yours is not out doesnt make you a saint.. Anyway i can feel what you going through , kindly take heart and be strong , everything will be fine…God got you.

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