Actor Kwaku Manu And Actresses Emelia Brobbey endorsed Patapaa's "One corner" song
From GhanaPa.com sources, Ghanaian acting industry is full of beautiful actresses and one of them is movie iconic Emelia Brobbey.

According to GhanaPa.com analyst, Emelia, who was born on 6th January to Miss Selina Amponsah of Akim Swedru in the east of Ghana and Mr. Samuel Brobbey can't understand why "Lil Wayne" is making it with a paradigm shift from Akan Twi Movie to Music?,

Emilia with all her diploma in journalism and with an ICM Certificate in Broadcast Journalism and a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management, she can't beat Lil Wayne in the movie industry.

"I don't think far, I can't think madness"
She can't help thinking it's all just 'pie ...!!!!
Emelia Brobbey "Adanfo Bone Premiere", yes!

Kumawood actor Kwaku Manu also joined the ‘one corner’ challenge in an outstanding manner, which shows how he also thinks about Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Wayne.

As we used to say in Ghana "life is war" and if you are not careful your own friends will kill you before your time.

 Most Ghanaians understood Lil Wayne was wrong but this doesn't mean his own co-workers can join the ‘one corner’ challenge. This shows true nature of some Ghanaian people.

Although this ‘One Corner’ song by Patapaa has gained immense recognition in all corners across the country and Ghanaians are showing their support.

On FaceBook and GhanaDom.com, Kwaku Manu video goes viral, where he jumps on top of a fridge to do the one corner dance and Emelia Brobbey almost entered into wash machine. Oh! yes, wash machine.

Jealousy sometimes, may be a “strategy” that we use so that we can figure out what is going wrong or learn what our partner “really feels but this time only Emelia Brobbey and Kwaku Manu know what they mean. Their dancing speak in parable.

Watch Videos Below:

1. Kwaku Manu dances to Patapaa’s ‘One Corner’ song

2. Emelia Brobbey dances to Patapaa’s ‘One Corner’ song

Source: GhanaPa.com - The Goodness News Portal

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