Kumawood Actor Yaw Dabo (Left) And Actress Vivian Okyere (Right) 
There have been rumors that Yaw Dabo has secretly married his girlfriend, the big buttie actress, Vivian Okyere at a secret location last week.

Vivian Okyere who has been nicknamed Tundra because of the heavy load she carries at her back and Kumawood actor Yaw Dabo has been in the news because of the unusual love affair going on between them considering the vast difference in stature between the two.

Vivian who is heavily endowed once told Ghpage.com that she sometimes feels guilty considering the damages her huge bo0ty causes. She said:

“Sometimes I feel guilty about my buttie and the way men lu$t after them. I was once walking by the New Town road in Accra and one guy driving a vehicle looked at me till he almost caused an accident. I felt bad about it. My pastor told me I can attract men with my buttie and preach to them about God to accept Christ in their lives,” she said.

When the rumors started, although Yaw Dabo initially refused to comment, Vivian came out to confirm and even describe Yaw Dabo as her heart. She said:

“My love for Yaw Dabo is natural, don’t underestimate him, he is my heart.”

It was later on that the short Kumawood actor himself came out to announce that he will be getting married to Vivian Okyere soon.

But fans of both the Kumawood actor and actress woke up this week to hear rumors that the two have secretly tied the knot. But Yaw Dabo claims is never true and he will definitely invite the media when he finally decides to settle down.

Speaking to the media, Yaw Dabo said:
“I am not married yet. If I am about to marry I will definitely let you know,” he said

But the Kumawood actor wouldn’t confirm or deny whether the marriage will indeed be with Vivian Okyere or not.

“To whether it is Vivian or someone else that I will be marrying when the time comes you will know. They have written what they have written online but I am telling you that when I am ready to marry, you will know who the person is. So let’s wait,” Yaw Dabo concluded.

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