Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay (Left) and Nana Tornado (Right)
According to ACCRA24.COM, when things fall apart in the life of a woman, and the age is far splurge, ACCRA24.COM analyst can state that Deloris Frimpong Manso is really looking for untimely answers of life, even though Nana Tornado has exposed Delay through Interview by Amankrado on Sankofa TV & Ability OFM Radio. LISTEN TO FULL INTERVIEW & DOWNLOAD MP3!

1. Nana Tornado BLASTS Delay, 

2. He said DELAY Is A Cheat, Fake and Disloyal,

3. He said Delay Jumps from One Hotel to Another Chasing White Men 

Two things women can not live without:

1. All women can easily worship their Maker but can not live with a man, only few. 
2. All women can easily worship their Maker but can not live with a baby, only few.

TV Personality, Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay has yet been drag into gutters again for being disloyal, fake and a big cheat by Nana Tornado.

Listen To Nana Tornado Exposes Delay - Interview by Amankrado

Nana Tornado, the TV Character with numerous facial piercings starred in Delay’s Afia Schwarzenegger Tv Series for 6 years and he has disclosed that he never got a dime from Delay. He emphatically stated that he’s regretted working with Delay.

Delay is said to have said she picks people who are nobody and make them somebody. This her statement flamed up her ‘Star Wars‘ with Nana Tornado.

Reacting to the statement Tornado said “when I actually saw this thing on the net, I sent Deloris a message and I quote “point of correction, you didn’t pick me from nowhere, please tell Ghanaians the truth and never compare me to Korkor” … no … nothing came” detailing that Delay read his message but never replied.

Speaking to JKD and Mimi Kay on Radio XYZ, Nana Tornado said he is no longer interested in having anything to do with Delay again because he is disappointed in the later. Mentioning his real name as Emil Wood, he said Former Chief Justice Georgina Wood is her Aunty and stated: “that is the more reason why I feel hurt to hear that someone like me has been picked from the slums”.

According to Nana Tornado, he is starting his own production soon for no one to bluff him because he hasn’t even gotten anything from what he was doing the past 6 years.

“For now I’m also trying to start my own series, I’ve started shooting in Dubai … my own production… so I’m bringing something up soon, so nobody tells me he/she picked me from nowhere because Deloris have never even bought me a shirt before so I don’t know why she has to say that” said Nana Tornado

He continued that “to tell Ghanaians the gospel truth, I regret being part of Deloris’ life of mirage”

This is not the first time Delay has been fingered as a cheat. Afia Schwarzenegger made similar comments about Delay that the Tv Personality is an exploit and the two have been at war since.

However, Nana Tornado debunked rumours that he is a gay. He revealed he has a daughter named Francine Wood.

Listen To Nana Tornado Exposes Delay - Interview by Amankrado LIVE 


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