Janet Bandu (Left) and Theophilus Tagoe aka Castro (Right)

Samuel Odartey Lamptey - The diver  who  saw Castro and Janet Bandu's dead bodies underwater

After Theophilus Tagoe aka Castro mysterious disappearance from Ada some years ago, Ghanaians have been unable to properly answer the question, "Is Castro dead or alive".

In June 2014, the news of the disappearance of Ghanaian musician, Castro and his friend Janet Bandu sent shockwaves down the spine of many Ghanaians.

But a greater part of Ghanaians were left confused as to the whereabouts of Castro and his friend, dead or alive, as no one had spotted them. This gave room for many rumors about Castro's disappearance to spring up.

Whereas a school of thought succumbed to the believe that Castro had moved to camp out in Togo others suspected that he was hiding out in Takoradi. Another group believed that he had drowned at the Ada Lake near the estuary.

"It was two days after they got missing that Asamoah Gyan sent someone to come and call me to search for Castro and I agreed to go and help them. Even though it was in the evening I went to search for them immediately. They rented a canoe for me and I set off.

 I found them under the water after about four days," he told Kofi Adomah on Kofi TV. However, he revealed that a the "river god" asked him not to touch the bodies when he tried to retrieve them. “When I tried to touch the bodies, a big snake appeared and warned me not to touch them.

So I asked what I could do and I was told there was the need for some rituals to be performed,” he explained. In conclusion, the diver revealed that Castro was killed by the river god after he has ignored their warning not to come to the place.

Samuel said, to be able to retrieve the bodies, certain rituals would have to be performed.
Samuel Odartey Lamptey - The diver who saw Castro and Janet Bandu's dead bodies underwater

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