Chop Bar - fufu operator laid in state
Our people love dead bodies than those with breath in them, and our generation is no different.

Interestingly, white people are not so much interested into the dead--they mostly live great lives and when they die, they mostly make sure that they have policies or savings in place to care for their own funeral cost.

In Ghana, a lot of people die and leave their families nothing--except debt! And the families go ahead to borrow money to "throw big" funerals--and the cycle of poverty continues.

I always tell my mother, if you die, I wouldn't spend any money buying an expensive coffin or stage an expensive funeral or whatever. While you are alive, I will give you all I can, so expect little to nothing, thereafter.

If you live some money in your account, I will argue that we should use it on those alive--and throw you somewhere.

This picture of a lady who has been laid in state circulating on social media has caused an uproar among members of the general public.

It can be said that many Africans would rather spend lavishly on a funeral of a loved one than channel that money to their welfare while they are alive. The lady who was laid in state was positioned in a rather bizarre way. It appears she used to be a “Chop Bar” operator so she was made to sit to depict that.

The lady was positioned as though she was preparing fufu for her customers. This picture has received a lot of criticism for being outrageous and over the top. The picture was posted by ghana celebrities.

source: GhanaPa.com but credit to Chris-Vincent Agyapong and YEN

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