Gospel Artiste Joyce Blessing and her husband Dave Joy
Delay's interview with Gospel artiste Joyce Blessing was released on Youtube last week of which the artiste has come out to say that Delay edited the video in a way that has tarnished her image.

 Joyce Blessing's husband narrated in an interview with Mandy J and The Don on the Showbiz Filla on Monday 7 August, 2017, what really happened on the day that his wife was interviewed.

He revealed that Delay insulted both him and Joyce Blessing while they were on set. Prior to that, Mr Blessing asked Delay what type of questions she would ask his wife. Delay replied that she has been doing her work for so long. Therefore, he didn't have the right to ask him such a question.

Moreover, he mentioned that Delay said that it is a cursed interview and that she will never interview Joyce Blessing again.

Explaining what actually happened on set – which is on the blind side of the public, Joyce Blessing shares how Delay bullied her on set with ‘agenda-set’ and ‘contemptuous’ questions, making Joyce’s husband who was on set, ask the host to halt the interview at some point.

Joyce Blessing also talked about how Deloris Frimpong (Delay) edited her interview to disgrace her.

Watch Audio-Video Below:

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