Samuel Atta Mills - late President John Evans Atta Mills' Son
Five years after the demise of late  President John Evans Atta Mills, his only surviving son Samuel Atta Mills has said he has still not sighted any autopsy report on the death of his Father.

This is in contrast with the earlier statement made by the late President’s brother, Cadman Mills who intimated that the family had seen the report.

Speaking at the event to mark the fifth anniversary of the death of President John Evans Atta Mills today, Mr Mills said he’ll support a probe to unravel the cause of his father’s death.

“…If someone approached me or if some sort of investigation might have to be done to find out, of course I will champion the course because he is my father and I want to know”.

“I still don’t know [the cause of his death], the hospital never gave the family any autopsy report to show that this and this was the cause of why he passed away, so, I don’t think any member of my family will be able to give evidence of how President Mills passed away.”

The former President, who assumed the seat of Presidency on the ticket of the NDC, will be celebrated in a week-long programme under the theme, ‘5 years of ascending into immortality’.

The late leader, died on July 24, 2012 just few months away from the crucial 2012 general elections.
The cause of his death remains a top secret, but speculations are that he died from complications from cancer.

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