Man condemned for criticising Barbara Mahama on social media
Ghanaians have descended heavily on a man who criticised Barbara Mahama, the widow of late Maxwell Mahama, for smiling in a viral photo.

The picture which is the first to show Barbara smiling after the horrific tragedy that befell her family has warmed the hearts of many social media users.

Many of them confessed that seeing Barbara smile made them very happy because it showed that she was finally getting over her predicament.

But one Ghanaian man. Caleb Abdulah Koramoah did not see it that way. In a Facebook post, Koramoah expressed displeasure that Barbara was smiling so soon after her husband's demise.

"Hmmm.. Soo soon she is smiling... no comment Women!!!," he wrote.

Koramoah comment implied that Barbara had got over her late husband within such a short while and was moving on. He further suggested that getting over men quickly was an attribute of women.

Koramoah's post, which he appears to have now deleted, drew condemnation for him on Facebook.

"So alll u wont her is to be sad ryt eei den u re happy dat she cries everyday it seems u dnt abt Maxwell death," A Facebook user, Elizabeth Opoku wrote.

"They re just shocked dat after all de pains she is still strong. De Lord is her strength," Janet Appiah wrote.

Other social media users were not so restrained in their condemnation of what they deemed an irresponsible remark.

"So she [Barbara] shouldn't laugh?? We have some morons on Facebook...mtcheew," Kwadwo Emmanuel posted.

"So she can't smile..Demons!! She should cry forever abi?? Nonsense," Facebook user, Paulina Annoh also wrote. Koramoah had either deleted or deactivated his Facebook account at the time of filing this report.

Barbara's husband, Major Mahama, was killed by a mob in the Central Regional town of Denkyira Obuasi two weeks ago.

The army officer was reportedly mistaken for a thief after some women spotted a pistol tucked to his waist and raised an alarm.

His dead provoked widespread public outrage and sparked a campaign against the phenomenon of mob justice.

He was laid to rest at the military section of the Osu Cemetery last week Friday.

Source: yen.com

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