Kenya - Boda boda, motorcycle or Nduthi.
Boda boda, motorcycle or Nduthi, whichever way you refer to them are slowly becoming an essential part of day to day life in Nairobi.

With thousands of Kenyans stranded in unending traffic throughout the day, boda-bodas come in handy especially when you have that important meeting to attend, an interview or a first date with your crush.

The ease with which they snake through fleets of vehicles in the busy highways is somewhat admirable and the rides are also fun, well, depending on the road surface.
Either way, they must be so efficient that they have made it to the 9th edition of the Oxford English dictionary.

Yes! you can now find the word boda-boda in the dictionary.

Boda bodas are popular all over East Africa and have been a source of employment for many people.
The inclusion of the word in the Oxford Dictionary is a win for the entire region, let us just hope they will not hike their fares due to the development.

credit: Kenyans.co.ke

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