Herbal medicine
Credible information reaching GhanaPa.com through GhanaSky.com indicates that, a Ghanaian old-woman selling a touching herbal medicine that brings restoration of sexual organ (reproductive system). Her drugs or medicines are sold directly to a consumer without a prescription.

According to GhanaSky.com analyst, this woman noted that, it is necessary to offer gift to men who can perform better on bed and she also insulted those men who can't "chop" good like eating stew.

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How to Take Medicines Safely

Herbs are generally safe to use. However, because some herbs should not be taken during pregnancy, it is always important to ask your healthcare provider which herbs are safe to take.

To make sure your elderly loved one is as safe as possible when they take medication, there are things you can do.

    If their doctor has prescribed a drug, make sure it is made by the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana. Any medication made by them now has a unique ID code on the packaging which can be revealed by scratch off ink. The consumer or their family can then text the code to PSGH to see if it is valid. If valid, you can be sure the medicine is genuine. This innovative new technology was invented recently to try to make taking your medicine safer in Ghana.

    If your elderly loved one is already taking one medication, make sure their doctor remembers that they are taking that medication before they prescribe another one. Doctors don’t always ask about current medications before they prescribe others.


    If they are having dizziness, confusion or other symptoms, make sure they ask their health care provider to consider if these are adverse reactions to medication rather than symptoms of aging or disease.

    If they use traditional medicine, as many people do as it’s more affordable and accessible than seeing a doctor, be aware that traditional medicines can also be faked. Make sure they obtain them from a genuine herbalist practice. Ghana’s Health Service has now set up 17 herbal medicine clinics where patients know the plant medicine they receive is real.

Source: GhanaPa.com via GhanaSky.com

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