Occultic practices and rituals caused the numerous fire outbreaks, deaths and other disasters
Prophet Daniel Okyere, General Overseer of the Holy Ghost prayer centre at Otwe Nkwanta has laid the rampant fire outbreaks, to the door step of politicians.

According to him, the numerous fire outbreaks which have caused people to be homeless, destroyed properties worth millions of Ghana cedi and some others dead, are as a result of the occultic practices and rituals on the part of both the current and previous administration.

The man of God in an interview with Rainbow Radio’s Banahene warned that, the wrath of God will soon visit these politicians if they refuse to confess their evil ways.

He added, the recent disasters claiming more lives are also part of the repercussions of the things done in secret by politicians just to win political power.

He described politicians as selfish, greedy and wicked individuals who have no respect and fear for God.

He said ''state officials from both the previous and current governments should come out and confess to what they did before winning power or they will face the wrath of God for their evil ways.’’

Prophet Daniel Okyere stressed that these politicians must surrender to God or die.

Some politicians have done rituals for fame, power and that is what is causing the recent fire outbreaks, deaths and other disasters. The politicians are aware of what is happening. The places they visited are now demanding for their reward after what they did for them hence these disasters, he said.

Source: rainbowradioonline.com

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