Sylvaina Gerlich and President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo
As GhanaPa.com and Accra24.com took their journalistic flight, they landed in a wonderful country in Europe - Germany, where Sylvaina Gerlich based in Hamburg, a modern day Nana Yaa Asantewaa, is one of the few individuals who possesses this exact archetype of Yaa Asantewaa, the Queen Mother of the Ashanti Empire, who was the personification of Ashanti Kingdom.

According to GhanaSky.com analyst, Sylvaina Gerlich took her time to address the issue of "Ghanaian man on Alcohol who suffers 3 gunshot from German Police a few days ago."

Listen to audio below from witness people

Listen To Twi - Audio From Ghanaian

Sylvaina Gerlich genuinely cares and fights for her people on a daily basis and will never back down from any challenges that stands in her way.

Sylvaina Gerlich is the director of IMIC e.V., a non-profit organization (NGO) that helps migrants while also participating in many social and cultural activities throughout Hamburg, Germany.

 In addition to dealing with all of the legal issues associated with individual migrant cases.

Full statement from Sylvaina Gerlich:

"Dear Brothers and Sisters,

last Wednesday at St. Georg in Hamburg a brother from Ghana was shot by a policeman.

The news has made many of us very concerned because of the memories of America, where blacks are killed quite unlawfully ....

The affected person is part of Lampedusa group in Hamburg, he helped our association IMIC e.V. when we moved out in September to our new office and I have known him as a very positive minded person who has stuck the others with his gaiety and it is difficult to believe, he took aggressive action against the policeman.

It is also hard to believe he should have attacked a policeman with a knife. But we do not know that, and should therefore not make a judgment today about the German police officers or formulate any allegations against the German authorities.

Independent of this, leading representatives of the community expressed their concerns to me. We would also like to see a cosmopolitan Hamburg in which we feel welcomed as African fellow citizens, and we don't want to counter wrong signals.

We will discuss this in the next week, that this case will be clarified.

Sylvaina Gerlich

Member of the Hamburg Integration Advisory Board for the continent of Africa"

Source: Accra24.com | GhanaPa.com | GhanaSky.com

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