Progressive People’s Party, Felix Mante
A communication team member of the Progressive People’s Party, Felix Mante, has no doubt some officials who served under the past NDC administration stole vehicles and assets belonging to the state.

According to him, he is certain some government officials including civil servants have in their possession assets which belong to the nation. He claims the act of stealing state assets is borne out of envy and should be kerbed through the operations of the taskforce set up by the Office of the Chief of Staff.

“If no one chases them, they would steal the asset and pretend it is theirs”, Mr. Felix Mante said on ATV’s Asem Yi Di Ka show.

The issue of retrieving state assets from past government appointees has become dominant in the media in recent times. National Organizer of the NDC, Mr. Kofi Adams became the first victim to have assets alleged to belong to the state retrieved from his home.

For this reason, the Office of the Chief of Staff issued a statement indicating that it is informed of various state assets, including landed properties and vehicles, which are yet to be handed over to government by individuals, contrary to law.

Consequently, government set up a team comprising officials from the Ghana Police Service, Customs Division, Bureau of National Investigations, Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority and Office of the President to coordinate the location and retrieval of all such assets in the national interest.

Source: ATV

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