Ghana Black Stars goalkeeper, Razak Brimah.
According to GhanaPa.com analyst, Ghana Black Stars goalkeeper insulted his critics and used extremely offensive and insulting, uncomplimentary, pejorative, vituperative; disdainful, derisive, scornful, contemptuous; defamatory, slanderous etc words on Ghanaians.

NO citizen of Ghana or with dual Citizenship scheme, either man or woman can insult Ghanaians and expect to win AFCON cup or political power. NO WAY!

Ghanaians are destiny people with great nation. One needs to respect their emotions and views to become great.

Ghanaians are those who make their citizens great footballers, good goalkeepers, good Presidents etc. Failing to 'acknowledge' accept or admit this truth in ones success in Ghana can cause his or her downfall.

Cameroon broke the stalemate after the Ghanaian defence failed to deal with a free kick.

Cameroon have ended Ghana’s dream of winning the Africa Cup of Nations for the first time in 35 years after defeating the Black Stars 2-0 in semi-final at Stade de Franceville.

Ghana will now play the third place game against Burkina Faso on Saturday 4, 2017 while Cameroon plays Egypt in the final on Sunday February 5, 2017.


Watch Official Full Video Of Razak Brimah insults: 

Cameroon vs Ghana 2:0 - All Goals

Source: GhanaPa.com  - The Goodness Citizen News Portal

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