Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo
Credible information reaching GhanaPa.com after Archipelaago read artcile about how Yvonne Nelson sends coded messages to John Dumelo on his birthay.

According to GhanaPa.com analyst, Archipelaago interpreted the characters or symbols of which it was composed in the "coded messages to John Dumelo" as shown below;

"Some school of thoughts suggested that human life is made of cycle . The introductory , growth and decline stage . The first is when u pass through eduction level spans from 2 years up 24 years including university .

The growth stage is where u focused on career and marriage that is building family of choice .
These two admirers have gone beyond the growth stage but cannot make that bold decision life . That's settle as couple .

Citizens not spectators still wonder if they have not attain the status of marriage.
The adage goes like " time fly" and wen will these two keep on deceiving themselves that they re still toddlers and not mature enough . When will these two stop sleeping around and settle for onces.
Dumelo is fond of opening so many ladies legs to see what is in between . What a gullible man . When will u stop deceiving the young ladies ! Uncle Dumelo .

For Yvonne Nelson too, my little counsel for u is to stop being too hypocrite , secretive and open up . So many young and responsible men want to come forward to get to know u more.
Start thinking about building a family not only career , houses , wealth and fame .

 They re all vanity .
I pray that God will give u wisdom to ponder on this piece . I rest my case"

Source: GhanaPa.com

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