Leticia Hars, Ghanaian Gospel Musician.
According to GhanaPa.com analyst, as the season changes and transformation take place in the body of Christ, a mighty finger of ELOHIM has picked another unadulterated voice in the showbiz by the name Leticia Hars, with her new track titled

"Obeye Ninyinaa" featuring Nacee" - Buy full Album from LeticiaHars.com

Leticia Hars and Nacee
The Ghanaian Gospel iconic, Leticia Hars has undergone a spiritual metamorphosis to produce a wonderful, thoughtful article or written, good for this eschatological age church.

Below is the full article from Leticia Hars:

"It disturbs and surprises me how people judge and crucify gospel musicians anytime negative issues crushes them, forgetting that they are also humans.

Please if I may ask, is it only non Christians that commits sin? we are all fallible.

The bible encourages us to confess our sins and repent from it.

Therefore every spirit filled Christian feels guilty and repents when he or she fall into sin.I am not encouraging anyone to sin but please Christians let's hold and protect each other through prayers and advice when a fellow brother falls. Let us stop washing our dirty linen in public.

Out of hatred, jealousy and unnecessary cheap fame that some people seek for; they hide behind the curtains  and pin their own Christian brothers and sisters. Shame unto all those fake Christians especially gospel musicians who uses other gospel musicians downfall as a ladder to step onto popularity.

 I can assure you that if you do that God has not call you; you called yourself. YOU ARE FAKE.

Don't forget, we are assigned to work for the sake of the kingdom,

What will it profit a man if he gained the whole world and loses his soul.  - Apostle Paul .

I will not touch on non Christians who are always waiting for Christians to fall; because they are already enemies to the cross so they have nothing better to say about Christians.

Pastors, gospel musicians; all Christians working in the vineyard of christ, let's sharpen each other because your brother's downfall today can be your downfall tomorrow.

Now those people who call themselves Christians who are not,don't be happy when we fall because when we fall thousand times we will rise thousand times.

God is our helper."

Watch Leticia Hars Music Video Below:

Source: GhanaPa.com  - Ghana Goodness News Portal.

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