Controversial Ghanaian Marriage Counselor George Lutterodt.
Report reaching GhanaPa.com shows that, 448 Ghanaians out of 500 expected, had already signed petition to take counsellor George Lutterodt off radio airwaves as soon as possible. Petition for National Media Commission (NMC) to take him off all radio platforms. Sign your petition now!

A petition to take Counsellor Lutterodt off Ghanaian radio airwaves.

Zion felix gives you the full story below:

When some individuals find joy in listening to controversial marriage counselor George Lutterodt, others see him as a nuisance.

For the past years, many quotes have been attributed to Mr Lutterodt, which many believe shouldn’t have been said.

Due to his constant advice to men and women on relationship certain people have described as unfortunate, one Nii Aryee has started a petition for National Media Commission (NMC) to take him off all radio platforms.

Mr. Aryee who needs 500 signatories for his petition to take the marriage counselor off radio giving reasons for the action said the reverend says nothing useful when he decides to speak.

“Hello, my name is Nii Aryee, an everyday Ghanaian young man. Anytime I sit down and listen to Counsellor Lutterodt speak on radio when he is given the platform to speak on issues concerning marriage and relationships, he says nothing useful. Counsellor Lutterodt has spewed very ridiculous and hateful statements about Ghanaian men and women.

He even goes as far as meddling in the private love lives and affairs of Ghanaian celebrities and passes very unsavory comments. It is improper for him to be on Ghanaian public airwaves making the comments he makes.

The language Mr. Lutterodt uses is demeaning to women and men, and families should not have to hear it over the radio. Not anymore.

Enough is enough with this loud mouthed, often misinformed so-called Counsellor.” he wrote.

Zionfelix gathers that Nii Aryee will deliver the petition to National Media Commission after the 500 Ghanaians who believe counselor George Lutterodt should be taken off radio airwaves have signed the petition.

As at press time, 283 people had signed the appeal remaining 217 Ghanaians according to Zion felix.

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