More than 20 students of the Kumasi Technical Institute (KTI) are receiving treatment for injuries sustained after clashing with police late Tuesday afternoon.

Class News’ Hafiz Tijani, who visited the scene after the disturbances, said it all began when some jubilant students of the school on their way back to campus after placing third in the zonal inter-school sports competition at the Baba Yara stadium, blocked the road leading from Amakom roundabout to KTI.

In addition to holding up traffic, some students were also alleged to be disturbing motorists by banging on their cars. Police rushed to the scene to control the situation, instructing the students to use an alternative route so traffic flow would resume. However, some students refused to heed the police’s orders with the cops allegedly assaulting some students.

In retaliation, some KTI students began to throw stones at the police who repelled the attacks by firing tear gas and gunshots to disperse them. The police reportedly chased the students to their dormitories and beat them up, leaving many with injuries.

The injured are at the Anwiam hospital at Afful Nkwanta receiving treatment.

The principal of the school, Joseph Abeiku Apre, condemned the actions of the police saying “it should not be so” in “this civilised world that we live in”, adding that he was moving to nearby police stations to find out if any of the students had been arrested as he had been told.

Source: classfmonline.com

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