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What is the Christian's purpose on earth? The quality of the believer's life on earth depends on him carrying out God’s plans and purposes on earth.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations. Jeremiah 1:5

Sense of purpose is vitally important for human beings. Without a sense of purpose and the identification of values to act towards achievement, life would indeed be useless and meaningless.
The purpose of our lives is far greater than our own personal fulfillment, our peace of mind, or even our happiness. It’s far greater than our families, our career, or even our wildest dreams and ambitions. If we want to know why we were placed on this planet, we must begin with God. We were born by His purpose and for His purpose.

The Christian perspective is that the issue of man’s survival is irrelevant to the question of what the purpose is.   The very things that make life on earth possible and pleasurable are irrelevant. Instead, our actions should be focused on a higher, unearthly realm, which contains the answers of our existence.

We ask self-centered questions like what do I want to be? What should I do with my life? What are my goals, my ambitions, my dreams, and my future?
But focusing on ourselves will never reveal our life’s purpose.  We should know that it is God who directs the lives on His creatures; everyone’s life is in His power.
Self-centered questions always results self-centered answers.  We must not perceive our lives as an obligation whereby it’s solely focused on doing what we’ve been asked to do,   no self-motivation, not going the extra mile, always feeling reluctant in doing things etc. We must rather embrace every opportunity that comes our way. We must explore our horizon, cease the moment, spread our tentacles wide and always go beyond the limit.
We must be the “Difference Maker” in our generation. It is refreshing to realize that every mandate carries a burden. We must ask ourselves how we can make a difference in our lives.

What does it take to be a Difference Maker?

A Difference Maker appreciates the God-given talents and abilities and works towards refining them. He ceases the opportunities which comes his ways and sets goals and targets for the short term as well as the long term.

Difference making people have some unique qualities and attributes which include the following:

Strong organizational skills, effective productivity habits, and a strong sense of discipline are some of the qualities  needed to keep one on track.

Networking is not only for finding jobs. In an economy dominated by ideas and innovation, networking creates the channel through which ideas flow and in which new ideas are created. A large network, carefully cultivated, ties one into not just a body of people but a body of relationships, and those relationships are more than just the sum of their parts. The interactions those relationships make possible give rise to innovation and creativity – and provide the support to nurture new ideas until they can be realized.

Critical Thinking
As human beings, we are exposed to hundreds of information on a daily basis. Being able to evaluate that information, sort the potentially valuable from the trivial, analyze its relevance and meaning, and relate it to other information is crucial – and woefully under-taught. Good critical thinking skills immediately distinguish you from the mass of people.

The bridge that leads from analysis to action is effective decision-making – knowing what to do based on the information available.

You don’t have to know everything – but you should be able to quickly and painlessly find out what you need to know. That means learning to use the Internet effectively, learning to use a library, learning to read productively, and learning how to leverage your network of contacts – and what kinds of research are going to work best in any given situation.

Our goals must comprise the following:
S Specific. Write down exactly what you want to accomplish.
M Measurable: you have to be able to evaluate and assess the progression of your goal achievement
A – Attainable: Your goal has to be something realistic and that you can actually achieve
R – Rewarding: your goal has to be something you’ll find fulfillment
T – Timeline: Goals need to have a definite start and end date. While attaining your goal may take you more or less time, having a set time frame allows you to focus and plan when you expect to have your goal accomplished.

Resource persons:  Mr. & Mrs. Albert Ocran.

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