Second lady of Ghana: Samira Bawumia
Report reaching GhanaPa.com shows that, the second lady of the Republic of Ghana, Mrs. Samira Bawumia has been trending on social media platforms after she appeared at the 2017 presidential inauguration.

Twitter commentators  could not stop talking about Samira Bawumia’s beauty. Some even said...
1. Samira Bawumia isn't showing her boobs , ass or thigh but almost all the guys can testify her beauty and how attractive/adorable she is. - @kobby_kyei

2. Samira Bawumia's beauty alone can solve more economic problems than Amisah Arthur did in his 4year of office as vice President! Whaaaaaat - @kmtakyi

3. Samira Bawumia... I can't get enough of your beauty 😍😍 all I can see is you and you on my TV - @TonkraGH

4. The beauty of Samira Bawumia alone will fix our economy - @ekowayensu

5. @Ibn_Raji: Just in case this new administration want go take loan, make Samira Bawumia lead the delegation. We go get am interest free."

Her charming looks at the at the event has got many talking on social media platforms twitter.

Social media commentators who have spoken about her dress and beauty have rated her above many female personalities at the inauguration.

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