This was the situation in front of Starr FM as at 10:30am Tuesday
Report reaching GhanaSky.com through StarrFM indicates that, unusual traffic in Accra after Nkrumah Interchange commissioning. It appears the newly commissioned Kwame Nkrumah Interchange in Accra has done little to improve the exhaustive traffic situation in some parts of the capital city as an unusual heavy vehicular traffic was observed on the Ring Road Tuesday Morning.

The road, which usually has a free flow after 9am, was seen with a long vehicular traffic with the cars almost running bumper-to-bumper, StarrFMonline.com observed.

Some frustrated passengers who spoke to StarrFMonline.com said they feel disappointed that the traffic situation appears to have worsened after the interchange was commissioned.

“The situation is very irritating and unusual. I was hopeful that I was going to see an improved traffic situation after all that was seen on TV yesterday, but look at what we are enduring this morning, I even think they should have left the old situation to remain,” he said.

Another passenger retorted “What is all this, I used the road yesterday and it was easy going but now see what we have,” when he was approached by StarrFMonline.com.

President John Mahama commissioned the 74.88 million euro project on Monday.

Speaking at the commissioning, Mr. Mahama said “This is the longest flyover and the highest in West Africa...please note I said flyover, the longest bridge is in Lagos, Nigeria but the longest and highest flyover is in Accra, Ghana”.

He added: “Lack of traffic flow [at Circle] resulted in an estimated loss of about 100 million dollars per annum to our national economy”.

credit: StarrFM / GhanaSky.com

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