Kofi Adams (L) and A- Plus (R)
Musician and New Patriotic Party sympathiser, A-Plus, is alleging in a Facebook post that the National Organiser of the NDC, Kofi Adams, sleeps with women in his car under a tree at Legon all the time.

A-Plus who was very confident in his post on Facebook challenged him to take him to court for defamation if he feels his assertion is false.

Kofi Adams had said on radio in the past that A-Plus was a drug addict and that he (A-Plus) sniffs cocaine and heroin and doesn’t make any ‘sensible’ songs and so we can understand why A-Plus was fumed with anger when he made the post on Facebook.

From the look of things, it appears A-Plus is not just alleging but also mentioned that he has video evidence to prove his stance and dares Kofi Adams to make a move and he would make the video evidence public.

"So why does Kofi Adams like chopping women in his car at Legon like that? I mean Kofi Adams the NDC national organiser. Everyday he's chopping a woman in his car under a tree on Legon campus. I thought he's married? I made it very clear who I'm talking about. Those who will come here to defend Kofi Adams ask him why he can't take me to court for defamation. Because he knows it's true and if he tries I'll post evidence on social media. Kwasia you went and sat on radio that me I do drugs. If you like say fi..... anka wo bÉ› hu wo nakedness. Siaaa!!!!"

Source: ghbsase

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