The  Residents  of  Nkawkaw  Nsuta  in  the  Eastern  Region are  unhappy  about the deplorable nature of their public toilet.

The  toilet  in  question  is  the  only  public toilet  serving  about  One thousand, Five hundred inhabitants in the  area. It   was  built  by  Former  President  Jerry  John  Rawlings in the year 1995 and has  never  been  renovated  or  drained. The  keeper  is  said  to have  abandoned  the  place  8years  ago and due to that, the  toilet  place  is  messed  up  with  faeces, used-toilet rolls  and  papers. The toilet block has also become a death-trap; that is, it has cracks all over.

When accra24.com and kwahutv.com got to the place we realized that the toilet is not used by only the aged but also the children in the community.

According to a  resident  of  the  area, Madam  Akwaa  Rose, she  said  they  can’t  stand  the  pungent smell  the toilet gives each and every day.
     ``The toilet produces bad smell and those  of us living near  the toilet can’t  even stay in the house especially  in  the  evening. I would  have  left  this  vicinity  if  I am  renting  this  house I am living in because the smell it gives each time is too unbearable`` she lamented.

She added that, they have  spoken to  the  two  Assembly members  they have had so far to do something  about  the  situation  but they  keep  on  giving  vain  promises  that  they  will come  and  renovate  it.

``We  used  to  disturb the  immediate past Assemblyman to do something about it but he would say everything  is  in  the  pipeline  so very  soon  they  would  attend  to  our  distress call but surprisingly he  left  the  seat  without  doing  anything  about  the  situation. We  have also  informed  the incumbent Assembly man, Honourable  Osei  Emmanuel  and  he  too  keeps  on  saying  the  Assembly  has  promised  to  come  to our  aid  but we haven’t heard anything from them yet`` she noted.

``We are appealing to the  Government  or  any  benevolent  body  or  organization  to come and renovate the toilet for us because who knows, the toilet might even collapse on our little children one day``

Source: Kwahutv.com | Emmanuel Abankwah Kesse (emmanuelabankwah2@gmail.com)

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