Ibrahim Mahama, the brother of the President John Mahama.
The   Military High Command has deployed  security men as bodyguards to Ibrahim Mahama, the brother of the President.

Apart from the Military men for Mr. Mahama’s protection, there were also detailed SUVS and Military armoured cars for his use.

At an event in Accra New Town over weekend dubbed, ‘Walk with Ibrahim’, several  soldiers armed to the teeth  were seen busy around him, providing VVIP protection. Mr Mahama  arrived in one of the military armoured cars with two of the Military men, while the others followed in another armoured car.

The men policed NDC supporters on the said walk in their numbers throughout on the streets of Accra New Town, a suburb of Accra, to the surprise of onlookers.

Mr. Mahama was seen clad in NDC Polo Shirt, whilst the crowd of party supporters carried a huge banner with the pictures of the President and his brother on it. It is not clear what position Mr. Ibrahim Mahama is running for in this case.

Residents quizzed the motive of such a move. The Military protecting a private citizen.
The abuse of incumbency by the Mahamas has hit mind blowing levels as the 2016 elections draws closer. The question however is, where does the Ghana Armed Forces stand in all this.
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