Report reaching the corridors of GhanaSky.com through Accra24.com reporters indicates that,
on the streets of Ikeja-Lagos, Nigeria - women try to ask someone earnestly or humbly for money or food by using infant babies, unable to speak" or "speechless" babies.

The Three infant babies rented from other women

According to GhanaSky.com sources, these women are actually renting those kids from other
women and used them for money begging business on the streets of Ikeja-lagos, Nigeria. That means those kinds in the video actually belong to other ladies.

As we live in the world of everything, African women of today are trying to do baby renting business, like the way we do car renting, whiles other western world like Germany is developing very high means to caretaker for babies, Africans are doing the other way.

Begging is an age long activity prominent in city centers, where it is common to see the physically challenged people such as deaf person standing on street corners, religious centers etc begging for alms. But today non-physically challenged people are also doing the same business. What world?
 Lagos-Nigeria, no doubt, has a high number of assorted street beggars. While some of them are genuinely in need, but others are not.

Studies have revealed that people resort to begging for reasons ranging from poverty, to health challenges.
The woman who rented the three kids in ikeja-lagos, Nigeria.


Watch Full Video Below:

Source: GhanaSky.com but credit to Accra24.com

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